How to Add a User in MyGeotab

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Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Administration
  • Users


  1. Go to Administration > Users > Add
  2. In User: Enter a unique username or email address
    1. Note: Reports/notifications can only be sent if an email address is used
  3. Fill in First name, Last name
  4. Keep Authentication type to "Basic Authentication"
  5. If an email address was entered, set Force password change on next login to Yes
    1. This will send a password reset email 
  6. If a username was used, set Force password change on next login to No
    1. Enter and confirm password
  7. Set Security clearance based on preferred clearances
  8. Set Data access to applicable Group
  9. Enter any Designation, Employee Number, or Comments (if necessary)
  10. If the user is a driver, please proceed to How do I make a user a driver in MyGeotab? and How to setup a driver to meet ELD compliance regulations?
  11. Click Save

Additional Information

See Standard Security Clearances document for specifics on setting up security clearances.

For a video on how to add users in MyGeotab, follow this link.
This action can only be performed by those who have the proper clearance level. Mainly, Administrators.