Why was a possible collision not recorded?

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  • Why was an exception for the rule "Possible Collision" not recorded?
  • Why was the fault "ALERT: Accident limit for acceleration exceeded" not recorded?

Applies To

  • GO device
  • MyGeotab
  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Rules


There are various reasons that may explain why the GO device didn't register a possible collision when the vehicle was involved in a collision. Possible reasons include:

  • GO device became unplugged as a result of the incident
  • Vehicle's battery became disconnected resulting in power loss to the GO device
  • GO device was damaged in the incident 
  • The GO device didn't register an accelerometer value large enough to register an collision level event (2.6 G for the rule "Possible Collision" as opposed to 24.5 m/s^2 for the fault "ALERT: Accident limit for acceleration exceeded")
  • The possible collision may have been recorded, but due to a loss in cellular connection, the device was unable to upload this data to Geotab servers
  • GO device was on a plan that does not collect accelerometer data (Base/Regulatory) or the accelerometer was disabled (only applies for the "Possible Collision" default rule and not the fault)

Additional Notes

No high-resolution data is captured and uploaded to the server when a collision is not detected.