How to check which harness is recommended or required for a vehicle

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Applies To

  • GO Device
  • Harness Recommendation


  1. Visit the Harness Assessment Cheat Sheet (available on Geotab's Support Documentation page)
  2. Scroll down to the Harness Estimates section
  3. Find the vehicle make/model/year that matches your vehicle 
  4. Select a recommended harness that best fits what it will be used for in the vehicle.

Additional notes

For information on the specifications of each harness, visit the Harness Identification and Application page.

The harness required for your vehicle depends on which port connection your vehicle has. Most vehicles have the standard OBDII port that does not need a harness as the GO device can plug directly into the port. If the vehicle has a 9-pin or 6-pin connector, then the appropriate 6- or 9-pin interface harness will be required to connect the GO device to the vehicle.

If your vehicle has a different connector than the ones listed above or does not have a connector, then the 3-wire harness will be required for your vehicle.

If you are unsure about the connector your vehicle has or what harness you need, please contact your Authorized Geotab Reseller for further assistance.

Geotab does not guarantee that these suggestions are 100% accurate. They are best guess and are considered to be estimates based on experience.

Please ensure that you confirm diagnostic port of each vehicle prior to purchasing a harness.