How To Transfer ELD Logs in MyGeotab

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  • How do I transfer logs to DOT officer?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab


  1. Select Activity > HOS > Duty Status Logs
  2. Select the Transfer button, and select up to five drivers for the desired date range

  3. Consult the Auditor or roadside Inspector for the desired Transfer Type, i.e. Email or Web services

  4. Enter the code provided by the Inspector in the Comment field, and select Send

  5. When prompted, select Transfer to FMCSA or Test Transfer as needed 

  6. If the transfer is successful, a broadcast will return indicating a successful transfer 

Additional Information

  • In the event of an audit, you can electronically transfer logs from the application to the FMCSA in for any 30-day period within the last six months.

  • It is recommended that you verify the drivers settings to ensure that drivers and vehicles are set up correctly in order to successful ELD transfer of logs to the FMCSA. See the Marketplace to enable the ELD Settings Validator Add-In for your fleet.

  • If the transfer fails, review the broadcast carefully to determine the cause of the failed transfer.