How can I move logs from one driver to another?

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Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Hours of Service (HOS)


  1. Log into MyGeotab.
  2. Click Activity > HOS... > Duty Status Logs
  3. On Display Options Select the Driver and the Date period.
  4. Click on Apply Changes
  5. Navigate to the top right of the page and Click on the drop-down list beside Total Items
  6. Click on Select Individual
  7. Select the log(s) that require the edit
  8. At the top of the page, select Edit selected HOS logs
  9. Under Driver, Select Replace With and search Driver's Name
  10. Make an annotation
  11. Click Save

Additional Information

Assigning logs to an unidentified driver is illegal and should not be done in MyGeotab.