Can Drivers Edit an ELD Log?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • HOS
  • MyGeotab


Yes, if an ELD log has a mistake or information is missing, a driver or someone authorized at the carrier office can edit the record, provided they follow the guidelines. For example, if a driver forgets to go Off Duty at lunchtime, or starts working in the yard at the beginning of the day and doesn’t change status to On Duty — a log edit would be required to avoid a violation.

The FMCSA outlines several conditions for editing and annotating electronic logging device (ELD) records:

  • Drivers or personnel must add a note to the edit which describes the reason for the edit. This type of note is also called an annotation.
  • Drivers are responsible for reviewing the change, certifying that it’s accurate, and resubmitting their ELD log. For example, if another authorized staff member makes an edit, the driver still has the final sign off.
  • The original ELD record must be maintained.

Additional Notes