What are "Unknown Diagnostic" faults?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • GO device
  • Faults


Unknown Diagnostic faults indicate that the GO device is reading an engine fault code it is unable to decipher.  

Additional Notes

When a GO device reads an engine fault code from the ECU of a vehicle, it correlates and reports the corresponding fault description from Geotab's engine faults library (which includes information in accordance with SAE standards).

Certain vehicle manufacturers have manufacturer specific engine codes which in some cases are proprietary and cannot be decoded by a GO device. If a vehicle is reporting an Unknown Diagnostic fault, the code included in the name of the fault can be searched for online (include vehicle/make/model) to determine the fault description. If there are no results or to confirm the information, the vehicle can be taken to a dealership or an appropriate mechanic in order to determine the fault description.