Vehicle moved but automatic D logs were not created because of incorrect ignition detection


  • Trip history is available 
  • Driver(s) was assigned to the vehicle 
  • Automatic D logs weren't created 

Applies To

  • MyGeotab 
  • Hours of Service (HOS) 


Ignition is not detected correctly by the GO Device


Create manual D logs until the issue is fixed


Follow the standard troubleshooting steps to determine and fix the issue: 

  1. Make sure the device is securely installed
  2. Test the device without any IOX extensions connected
  3. Test the device in a vehicle where it can be directly connected to the OBD II port (without the use of a harness) 
  4. Test the device in a vehicle with a working Go device
  5. Test a known working device in one of the vehicles
  6. Check if the device has any water damage 
  7. Check if the device has any damage to the pins