Drive App user unable to use Fuel Tracker Add-In


  • Users with Drive App user clearance are unable to use the Fuel Tracker Add-In
  • Clicking on the Add-In in the Geotab Drive app gives the error "Looks like you don't have access"

Applies To

  1. Clearances
  2. Add-Ins


  1. Select Administration > Users > Clearances
  2. From the list, choose Drive app user > Add Sub-Clearance
  3. Tick the following two features View fill-ups and fuel transactions and Administer fuel transaction
  4. Click Save
  5. Change security clearance of user to the newly created Sub-Clearance

Additional Notes

 How To Change A Security Clearance

If the Fuel Tracker add-in is not showing up in Geotab Drive even though the add-in is installed, and the driver has the correct security clearance, check under Administration > System > System Settings > Add-Ins that the option Allow unsigned Add-Ins: is enabled.