Excessive Driver Seatbelt Exceptions After Rate Plan Downgraded


  • Excessive seatbelt exceptions over a brief time period
  • Engine data once obtained, is no longer being obtained
  • Rate plan changed from Pro Mode (or higher) to a lower plan e.g. Base
  • Final Driver Seatbelt record is unbuckled (Driver Seatbelt = 1)

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Rules
  • Exceptions
  • Rate Plan


Some rate plans, like Base and Regulatory, do not include logging seatbelt data. If the last log before changing to a plan without seatbelt data was seatbelt unbuckled, then seatbelt rules will continue to think the vehicle's seatbelt isn't buckled.


Disable the Seatbelt rule being broken.


Contact Geotab Support to request the final seatbelt record to be updated to something other than unbuckled.

Additional Notes

Verify the plan to ensure they should or shouldn't be getting Engine Data (e.g. Base plan doesn't support engine data).