Vehicle is Not Moving Despite Device Communicating


  • Map position of vehicle is not updating
  • No blue light on the GO Device
  • GO device is communicating

Applies To

  1. GO Device
  2. MyGeotab®


  1. Check the installation of the vehicle to ensure that the device is secure
    • Move the device to another location with better access to the sky; if possible
    • Unplug the device and plug it back in
    • Take the vehicle for a 5 minutes or more drive
  2. Log into MyGeotab
    • Go to Map -> Trips History
    • Select the Down Arrow next to the text box
    • Select Deselect all vehicles
    • Select the <vehicle> of the device
    • Select the most recent trip
    • View the map and see if the trip was registered and that the GPS was uploading its data correctly
  3. Contact Support if the device still has the issue


The device is failing to validate any new GPS coordinates that are being read. It defaults to the last valid GPS point until a new valid GPS point is registered.