What is Missing Element Diagnostic ELD Malfunction?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Missing Element Diagnostic
  • Missing Data Compliance
  • Diagnostic Manual Position
  • Message: “Where was this?”


This is a Geotab Drive Malfunction seen by the drivers. The most common reason for Missing Element Diagnostic Error/Malfunction is the creation of manual logs with no GPS (showing “Where was this?” as a location) on Geotab Drive. This can also be caused by a Position Compliance diagnostic (because we hide location on those logs within Geotab Drive).

For this, check the Duty Status logs in MyGeotab with no location associated with them.
Manually enter them to resolve this malfunction/diagnostic, or if a position diagnostic is also seen then troubleshoot the GPS coming from the device.

Additional Notes

This error is not a major error/malfunction and it should not cause any issues with the DOT officer.

For more information on the Geotab Drive Malfunctions & Diagnostics, please refer to this documentation.