How to Edit the HOS Status Logs in Geotab Drive?

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Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • Hours of Service (HOS) 
  • Duty Status Logs


  1. From the Dashboard tap on HOS > Logs
  2. Tap the log that you wish to edit.
  3. Tap the Pencil icon, then select the appropriate status.
  4. Add an annotation.
  5. Tap Save

Additional Information

Automatic HOS logs cannot be edited but they can be annotated.

This method only works if the last log was a automatic ON log.

Identifying the issue with logs is the responsibility of the driver or the Admin for the company they work for.

If the user needs to add logs more than 9 days of the present date, they will need to do it through MyGeotab or reach out to their Admin to be able to edit logs. 

You can't change the automatic ON log to another duty status however, by clicking Yes on the prompt, it will shorten the ON log and add an OFF log (or any other selected status log) directly after.

For additional information on editing driver's HOS logs via MyGeotab, see the following article :

How Do I Edit an HOS Log in MyGeotab?