I Have Active Tracking. Why Are My Vehicles Not Moving?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Maps
  • Vehicles


Active Tracking is a live second by second tracking of vehicles. If this feature is not working on your Maps, please see the few reasons why:

  1. Active Tracking may not be "On."
    • If the devices are on the Service plan ProPlus ensure that the option for active tracking is on. To turn on active tracking, please see to this article: How to Turn on Active Tracking
  2. Device may not be on ProPlus.
    • With this feature, the GO devices will need to be on the service plan ProPlus.
  3. Devices may not be communicating GPS or cell signals.
  4. There is lag in the database.  Any processing delays greater than 30 seconds may cause interruptions in live tracking. 
    • Contact support to check your database's performance.

Additional Notes

Here is where to turn On Active Tracking on the Vehicle Edit page.

The following shows the service plan for a device on ProPlus.