Why is my device giving me false positive Backing up When Leaving exceptions?

Applies To

  • Non-Heavy Duty vehicles
  • MyGeotab
  • GO device


Usually, a device reads gear position data through J1708 or J1939 protocols. Some passenger vehicles provide these data differently through OBD2 and the device is unable to decode the information.

In that case, we use accelerometer data to determine if the vehicle is moving forward or backward. This data can be incorrect due to the vehicle vibration and device installation location.

Generally, every vehicle provides the gear position differently and our devices are not always able to read the exact gear positions but it rather indicates them as reverse, neutral or drive.

Additional Notes

To confirm that the device is using the accelerometer-based backing detection algorithm, disable accelerometer reverse detection by applying the following custom parameter. If the device stops reporting any gear change afterward, it means the device was using its accelerometer to determine gear positions.

<GoParameters><Parameter Description="Disable Accelerometer Reverse Detect" Offset="166" Bytes="10"/></GoParameters>