How to troubleshoot a GO device not communicating

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Applies To

  • GO device
  • Device not communicating


  1. Navigate to the following document:Troubleshooting Guide for Resellers [PUBLIC]
  2. Scroll down to the Diagnostic Flow Clock for GO Devices
  3. Follow Steps 1-12 in the Flow Clock

Additional Notes

Refer to the rest of the Troubleshooting Guide for Resellers [PUBLIC] for more information that can be used to troubleshoot this issue, including: 

  • GO Device Light Definitions
  • GO Device Troubleshooting Matrix
  • Advanced Troubleshooting using MyGeotab

If a GO device is not communicating because it is not turning on, refer to the following article:
How to troubleshoot a GO device not turning on

For more information on installation documentation, please visit the following link: