GPS Latching Issue: Straight Lines on Map


  • Poor GPS reception
  • Straight Lines on the Map
  • Vehicle going over Buildings, trees, etc.
  • Fault "Telematics device fault: GPS quality poor (bad device install or vehicle undercover)"
  • GPS coordinates do not change under View Accident & Log Data

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Trips History
  • GO device


GPS performance may be compromised due to:

  • Poor weather conditions, such as dense clouds or heavy precipitation
  • The receiver is in an environment where physical obstructions, such as mountains, deep valleys, tall buildings, overhangs, bridges or tunnels are apparent
  • The receiver is obstructed by something within the vehicle
  • The device is not properly installed 
  • The use of a three-wire harness with different ignition detection logic


Apply the following custom parameter: 

Relaxed GPS Fix Requirements - Allows a GPS coordinate to be valid if there are at least 3 satellite points available as compared to 4 satellite points required by default.

<GoParameters><Parameter Description="Relaxed GPS Fix Requirements" Offset="63" Bytes="08"/></GoParameters>


Ensure proper device installation and location for better GPS reception