How To Troubleshoot a CAN BUS Short Error

Applies To

  • GO device
  • MyGeotab
  • Engine Faults
    • "Telematics device fault: serious problem communicating with engine - safety issue - remove device immediately - CAN BUS short detected"


  1. Replace the device with a known working device.
  2. The fault will now disappear if the short was coming from first device.
    • Get the device replaced (if under warranty)
  3. Remove the harness (if any) and connect device directly into the OBD-II port
  4. The fault will disappear now if the short was coming from the harness.
    • Get the Harness replaced
  5. If after removing the harness and using a working device, the fault still shows up, it means that the short is somewhere on the vehicle and we'd recommend that the vehicle gets checked and fixed.

Additional Information

 There can be 3 possible places where the CAN BUS is shorted.

  1.  The vehicle
  2.  The harness
  3.  The device