Why are drivers not being disassociated with vehicles when using NFC Key?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • IOX NFC Reader


Drivers are not being disassociated with vehicles because Driver identification reminder (in the Vehicle settings) is set to OFF. A device will not drop an assigned driver(via IOX-NFCREADER) after ignition OFF if Driver Identification Reminder is OFF. 

Prior to the installation of the IOX NFC Reader you must enable the relay option in MyGeotab. To do so, go to the web application database where the device is registered, select Vehicles from the navigation menu, then select your device. Next, select the Driver Feedback tab and set the Driver identification reminder option to On (see below).


The device will beep if the vehicle is turned on and a Driver ID Key has not been inserted within the specified time period before the ignition was turned on. The beeping will stop once a Driver ID Key is inserted. Beeping can be avoided if the Driver ID Key is inserted before ignition. The specific time period also defines the length of time that the Driver ID Key is held in memory after turning off the vehicle. 

Additional Notes

For IOX NFC Reader installation instructions please reference this article:

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