What is a Geotab Drive message?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Drive application
  • Zones & Messages


 A message in Geotab Drive is a text message sent from a user in a database to a vehicle.  The driver must be logged in to the vehicle at the time in order to receive the message on their Geotab Drive application. 

These can be viewed by going to: Dashboard > Messages

New messages will also cause an in-app notification to appear.

Messages can be sent from a database by going to:

  1. Zones & Messages
  2. Messages
  3. New message
  4. Select recipient and enter a message
  5. Send


Additional Notes

Messages can be sent to a vehicle as a result of a rule breaking.  The settings for this can be found under the Notifications > Add driver feedback > Text message section of the rule.

The driving lockscreen will prevent drivers from reading and writing but, text messages will be audible while operating the vehicle.

In order for the drivers to be able to receive the messages, the feature preview function has to be enabled. To do so, please follow these steps.

Also, at this time there is no "read receipt" option for administrators to know if a driver has viewed the message.