Who Supports Garmin Devices Not Sold By Geotab?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Garmin


When it comes down to Garmin products we can split it into two categories - sold by Geotab and not sold by Geotab.

  • The Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle is sold by Geotab. The bundle includes a Garmin Fleet 790 that runs Garmin's software and Geotab Drive on an Android operating system. There is a monthly fee.
  • All other fleet-ready Garmin devices are not sold by Geotab. Therefore we only support Garmin FMI two way messaging, routing, traffic etc. after it has been setup. The Garmin HOS functionally can still be used, but is not AOBRD or ELD Compliant. Clients should be contacting Garmin if they have questions about the hardware and/or integration with the Geotab platform.