How to Update the Maintenance Data for Reminders

Applies To

  • Maintenance Events
  • Reports
  • GO Device


  1. Within MyGeotab, go to "Engine & Maintenance
  2. Under Engine & Maintenance > "Reminders"
  3. Click the Reminder Rule that needs to be updated
  4. Go to "Vehicle" tab
  5. Under vehicle tab press the "+" button to edit the Date, Odometer or Engine Hours 

Additional Information

The data you enter for the Reminder Rule should be the value when the vehicle last received the the specific maintenance. 

You are able to set a the date of your inspection to a date in the future. You will see the message pop-up stating "The date of completion cannot be in the future", however if you proceed past this message and hit Save, the date will save as a future date on your Reminder Rule. 

*Date being input cannot be prior to the date that is already on the rule for that vehicle. See article: Unable to change maintenance reminder date for a previous date