How do you add HOS logs in MyGeotab?

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Applies To

  • HOS
  • MyGeotab


  1. Go to Activity
  2. Select HOS > Duty Status Logs
  3. Select your HOS Driver > Apply Changes
  4. Select Add at the top of the screen 
  5. Add the log's Date & Time
  6. Select Status (ON, OFF, D, SB, Ruleset change)
  7. If the new log's status is ON, OFF, D or SB, add an annotation, if the new log is a Ruleset change, add a Ruleset
  8. Save your changes in the top left hand corner

Additional Information

Any logs that are added by an administrator through the database have to be accepted/verified by the driver once they login in to their Geotab Drive app.

How to verify HOS logs from the Drive App