What Happens When A Vehicle Is Towed?

Related Questions

  • Should we be receiving GPS notifications if the motor is off, and the vehicle is being transported on a barge?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab 
  • GO device 
  • Trip history 
  • IFTA 
  • HOS


  • GPS: While in sleep mode, the GO device will communicate every 30 mins, and it will wake up if it detects ignition change or GPS movement. This being said, once a vehicle gets towed the device should wake up and start communicating accurate GPS points once it has detected movement. Please keep in mind that there might be a slight delay for the movement detection. 
  • IFTA: Passive trips (ferry, tow) can be detected so they are not counted for fuel tax (trip history with ignition OFF is flagged and discarded in this case). 
  • HOS: Since HOS mainly records a driver's activity and a towed vehicle doesn't have a driver associated with it, it should not create a trip belonging to a specific person as long as the last person that drove this vehicle logged out of the app. Our system may create unassigned drive logs, which can be then annotated to show that it was towed. A workaround in this case would be to remove the GO device during this time if no unassigned drive logs are desired.