How to check if an unregistered NFC key was used on a device in MyGeotab

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Unassigned NFC Key


  1. Navigate to Administration > System > Audit Log 
  2. Click Options, and filter Audit types by Insert key 
  3. Select an appropriate date period
  4. Click Apply changes 
  5. If an unregistered NFC key was used, the audit log should display a log like this: 

Additional Information 


  • The insert key logs are only displayed when the key inserted doesn't exist in the database. Therefore, the log would not show up if the user and the vehicle are in different groups. 
  • If the database has the custom code AUTODRIVER enabled, the database will automatically add a new user when an unregistered NFC key is tapped. This will show as Add User in the audit log.