Why are vehicles not reporting VIN?

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Applies To

  • GO device
  • VIN


There are multiple reasons why the device is not reading the VIN.

  • NULL VIN: ‘@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@’
    • This occurs when we do not get any response for VIN from the vehicle. When there is no VIN info available, we write 0's (which translates to @'s in hexadecimal).
  • Invalid VIN: ‘jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj’ (or any VIN that appears invalid and is not “@@@..@”)
    • This occurs when the vehicle responds to a VIN request but reports invalid or non standard characters. Ex. "*********" (which turns into jjjjjjjjj in hexadecimal) - this is in fact the information as we read it from the ECU of the vehicle.  

  • Invalid VIN: M755`014858``````
    • This occurs when a vehicle responds to a VIN request but only reports a partial VIN. The VIN for this vehicle was not programmed correctly.

  • Invalid VIN: ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’
    • 17 apostrophes indicates that the VIN reported from the vehicle contained all “space” characters. In the many cases, this indicates that a VIN has not yet been programmed into the vehicle. A dealership scantool can confirm this (if it also reads space characters from the vehicle).
  • The solution in all cases is to enter the correct VIN into MyGeotab manually.