How to bulk import users using the SDK

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Applies To

  • MyGeotab SDK
  • Javascript Examples
  • Import Users Tool
  • Users


  1. Go to Import Users tool available here.
  2. Enter the server, database, and your credentials to login.
  3. Follow either of the following methods to set up the necessary information for a new user:
    • Method 1: Using the form
      1. Fill out the required fields:
        1. Email or user name
        2. Full Name
        3. Password
        4. Groups
        5. Security clearance
      2. Click Add User
      3. Repeats steps 1-4 as needed.
    • Method 2: Manually enter the user information within the input box
      1. Enter the user information in either of the following formats:
  4. Click Import users

Additional Notes

If you receive an error similar to the one below, add | to the end of every record with this error. This usually happens if you don't enter any data for NFC, which is column X on the Excel Template.

ERROR: Unable to add because you have not filled out all the properties required. You must fill in all 21 required properties.

When using the User Import Template, copy the results from the Data to Import column into the input box.


The tool can typically handle 300-400 drivers at a time for Import. 500 or more might crash the tool.

Each User Object needs to be Entered in its own line. Please make sure there are no empty lines in the textbox.