Can't add vehicle(s) to MyGeotab due to data access


  • Can't add vehicles to the database.
  • Error: "A device with the serial number already exist."

Applies To

  • Vehicles
  • Data access


The device is already in the database in a group the user does not have access to


  • Have an administrator with the "Everything" data access search the serial number. Make sure that All is selected under the Show button at the top of the page
  • Select the device and then click the Group tab. Check to see if the serial number is in a group outside of the requester's scope of data access. 
  • If outside of the users data access. If so, the administrator will need to
    • Move the serial number/ Vehicle into a group that the user has access to
    • Add the group that the vehicle is in to the user's data access

Additional Notes

If a user has access to any specific group, they will not be able to view anything in the "Company Group". This is due to the fact that Company Group is the parent group of all groups, and users in child groups can not access parent groups.