How do I view speed limit data in MyGeotab?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Maps


When hovering your mouse over a road a speed limit will be shown.

To view the source of this speed limit click the road and select Road speed detail.

There should always be two values present: a community value and a commercial value.

  • The community value (via OpenStreetMap) is represented by the  icon.
  • The commercial value (via Here Maps) is not represented by any icon yet.
  • These values can be either real values or estimated values.

The community value is the value and the source that is used for all road speed calculations and SpeedLimitCommunity speeding rules. This is the same value shown while originally hovering over the road.  SpeedLimitCommercial speeding rules use Here Maps data. SpeedLimit rules use both data points, taking the lower value.

Additional Notes

Feature preview needs to be enabled for the Road speed detail option to appear properly.

Roads are broken into many segments and can vary in value as a result.

Steps on how to update the speed limit data can be found here.