How to View Cycle Recap in My Geotab

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • HOS
  • Cycle Recap


In addition to Geotab Drive, Cycle Recap is now also accessible from MyGeotab UI (user interface).

  1. Log into the required Database
  2. Click on Activity> HOS > Availability
  3. On the HOS availability page, click on Recaps View :
  4. The 'HOS recaps' will show up as follows:

Additional Notes

  • The number of days that shows up in the HOS Recaps page for a driver depends on which ruleset a driver is assigned. If the driver has the ruleset USA Property 70-hour/8-day, the recap will go back for 8 days. If the ruleset is USA Property 60-hour/7-day, the recap will go back for 7 days.
  • The 'Recaps View' through My Geotab UI is available currently for Databases on version 1804 or higher.
  • There is a a case in regards of showing a day behind on the UI which is going to be fixed on 1902 (Case: MYG-1026)