Why is my Drive App running slow?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive 


  • It is possible to have the Drive app run slow if the tablet's memory is small. Try to clear the app's cache within the Android System Settings to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Third-party Add-Ins may slow down the Drive app.
  • If there are diagnostics and malfunction messages, troubleshoot the issue until it stops reappearing 
    • For example: One case of this occurring will be when the excessive Ignition ON/OFF logs (multiple stops) are being recorded for a vehicle. This will cause Drive app to slow down for the driver who has the Vehicle selected in Geotab Drive. A quick resolution will be to confirm the multiple stops from Trips History and then updating/rolling back FW as required to fix the issue.
  • Ensure the latest update is installed. Please uninstall and reinstall (or update) the application by accessing either the Play Store on the Android operating system or the App Store for Apple Products
  • Close and restart the app or the tablet itself if it has a tendency of freezing.