How to expand Dashboard Graph on MyGeotab Dashboard

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Dashboard Report
  • Graph Resize


Changing the size of the graph in the template will change the size that is viewed in the Dashboard when re-uploaded.

  1. Navigate to Administration>Reports>Dashboard
  2. Export the Report by clicking on Excel Icon
  3. Change the size of the graph in the Summary tab
  4. Upload the report back into MyGeotab(How to Add a Report to MyGeotab)

Additional Information 

  • You can define the dimensions in the report by right clicking on the graphic, selecting 'Format Chart Area', and then specifying the dimensions.
  • The standard size is about 3x3 inches (7.6x7.6 cm), and this is the smallest dashboard graphic dimensions no matter how much you shrink the graph within the Excel file. (A smaller graph will be surrounded by white space within a 3x3 inch graphic on the dashboard)
  • For more information on dashboard graphic sizes, please refer to the following video between 37:00 and 41:00: Reports and Customizations