How to setup a driver to meet ELD compliance regulations?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Driver
  • Hours of Service (HOS) 
  • ELD Compliance


Select Administration > Users from the main menu to view all user accounts. If a driver does not already have an account, press the Add button to create a new user. Otherwise, select the driver’s account from the list.

In both cases, you will see the User Edit page. To create the new user’s account:

  • Verify that the following information is included on the User tab:
    • User name
    • First and last name
    • Password
    • Security clearance
  • Set the user’s Data access to groups appropriate for the user. Users will not be able to see vehicles or HOS logs outside of their data access.

Note: The Drive App user clearance is the default clearance for Drive App users.

  • Set the following in the Driver tab:
    • Set This user is a driver to Yes.
    • Set Prevent driver access to shared data to Yes.
    • Enter the user’s driver’s license number (must be filled out to be compliant with Hours of Service regulations).
    • Enter the user’s driver’s license state or province of issue (must be filled out to be compliant with Hours of Service regulations).
  • Set the following in the UI Settings tab:
    • Distance measurement system
    • Fuel economy measurement
    • Time zone

Note: The time on the mobile device must be set to change automatically.

  • Set the following in the HOS Settings tab:
    • Ruleset — The ruleset followed by the user.
    • 24-Hour Restart (formerly Oilfield equipment transport operations) — Allows drivers to have a 24-hour restart of their cycle. This typically applies if vehicle operation involves transportation of oil field or construction equipment.
    • Oil Well wait Time and 24-Hour Restart Enable this setting if the vehicle’s operation involves servicing oil wells. Waiting time (WT) at natural gas or oil well sites can be recorded as Off-Duty. The 24-hour restart is also applied when this setting is enabled.
    • Home terminal The name of the motor carrier's place of business where the driver ordinarily reports for work. This can include a temporary work site designated by the motor carrier.
    • Home terminal address The motor carrier's address where the driver ordinarily reports for work.  
    • Carrier number — In the United States, this is the motor carrier's USDOT number. In Canada, this is the motor carrier’s Canadian Carrier Code.
    • Yard Move (YM) and Personal Conveyance (PC) — Exemptions for manual driving events. YM and PC are not considered Driving time.
    • Authority name — The motor carrier that the driver works for.
    • Authority address — The motor carrier's main office address.

Important: The HOS settings above are critical to ELD compliance. Please make sure that this information is filled out correctly.

Additional Notes

These requirements may be subject to change, so please review the corresponding section in the Geotab Drive App Manual.