Why can't a driver select a vehicle?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive 


There could be multiple reasons for the driver not being able to select a vehicle he/she is driving:

  1. Make sure the user is set up as a driver and have correct security clearance (e.g., Drive App User)
  2. Make sure the vehicle is on the correct plan (HOS or above)
  3. Make sure the driver and the vehicle are in the same group
  4. Driver should also make sure they are typing the vehicle name correctly (description name, GO device serial number or VIN#). If the vehicle name is misspelled, they will not be able to find the vehicle in the drive app
  5. Vehicle has not been added to the customer's database yet
  6. Vehicle has been made historical
  7. Driver has logged into wrong/different database > have driver go to Options & enter the correct database information manually

Additional Notes

  • Drive App may not be refreshing or have a faulty network connection. Please have the driver log out and back in. The first screen should be Vehicle Select.
  • If one of these requirements fail, Have the driver contact his/her Administrator to make changes accordingly.