No Cellular Connectivity on my Tablet

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  • The tablet goes to a black screen
  • No cellular connectivity on the tablet
  • Error: "Geotab Drive disconnected"
  • Error: "GPS disconnected"
  • Error: "Couldn't connect to the server. Please check your network connection, server name and try again."

Applies To

  • Third Party Device
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Tablet


  • The device is placed on airplane mode
  • A faulty SIM
  • A hardware issue
  • Outdated operating system version


  • If airplane mode is turned on, turn it off to regain network connectivity.
  • Log Off of the drive app and turn the tablet off then turn it back on.
  • Clear the cache and cookies in the tablet's settings. 
  • Restart tablet
  • For further assistance with troubleshooting this issue, please contact the tablet's manufacturer and wireless carrier.

Additional Notes

Geotab only supports the Garmin ELD Bundle. If you are experiencing issues with the GARMIN fleet 790 Android Tablet included in the Garmin ELD Bundle, please contact Geotab Support.

For information about the Garmin ELD Bundle refer to the following documentation: Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle FAQ