What Do I Do if My GO Device is Not Turning On/Not Communicating?

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Applies To

  • GO Device
  • Device Not Communicating


Perform Troubleshooting steps to get the GO Device back online.

To do so follow the following steps:

  1. Power cycle the device (unplug and plug back in)
  2. Make sure the device is plugged in properly, secured with a zip tie and not moving in order to prevent a disruption in the connection.
  3. Try the device in a known working vehicle to rule out a potential issue with the port of the first vehicle
  4. Try the device using another harness or no harness. If a harness is being used, the device may not be placed in a high or steady location which could disrupt the connection of the device. (Disregard if the device is plugged in, directly)
  5. Inspect for water or dirt damage (vehicle port and device)
  6. Make sure the vehicle is driven for 5-10 mins to allow Go Device to connect to cellular towers

Additional Notes

Identify lights are illuminated on the device.  Depending on the lights illuminated follow the below Diagnostic Flow Clock

Green=Cellular coverage

If red is off, please ensure there is a power source connected securely.
If blue is off, please ensure you are in a good area for GPS connectivity.(Not surrounded by trees, warehouse, etc)
If green is off, please ensure there is a cellular plan attached to the device and it is paid up to date. 

For further assistance with trouble shooting please see Diagnostic Flow Clock