Unable to see some vehicles or users in MyGeotab because of data access

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  • Unable to view certain users or vehicles or groups
  • No longer able to view some users on the database

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Administration
  • Users
  • Data Access
  • Groups
  • Driver


  1. The user does not have Data Access set to Everything, and the asset they are trying to view is in a group that they do not have access to. A user can only see assets within groups that they have data access to.
  2. The user is a driver with Prevent driver access to shared data enabled.


  • An Administrator on the database with access to Everything will need to edit either the affected user to change their data access


  • Edit the users/vehicles that the user needs to see to place them in the same group as the user


  • Turn off Prevent driver access to shared data for the user.

Additional Notes

  • A user that can see only a specific group or groups can not change their own data access to Everything
  • Only an Administrator with Everything data access can give other users access to Everything
  • If the user is in a child group, they will not have access to users or vehicles in a parent group. Check the group tree in the database for the group set up.
  • For additional information on editing user's groups, see the following article : How to assign users to groups