When doing an HOS logs transfer, why errors are thrown even though driver's complete information is present already in the database?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • HOS Logs
  • Transfer


In a case where the following errors are thrown: 

  • Error: Driver's License Issuing State 
  • Error: Driver's License Number 
  • Error: Carrier's USDOT Number 


After looking into the drivers profile and if all the information is present, look for co-drivers as there is a good chance that there was a co-driver for one of the day for which the logs are being transferred whose information is not complete and hence the error was thrown.

Additional Notes

  • One thing which the driver can do in this case when the transfer is not going through, they can use the compliance print on mygeotab or use the generate option on drive app to show the report to the officer.