Is it Possible to Reinstate a User that Was Removed from a Database?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • User Administration


The only way to reinstate a deleted user would be to restore the entire database from a previous snapshot of the database Geotab has stored. Restoring a snapshot means that any data since that snapshot was taken would not be available, and essentially erased. Geotab keeps daily snapshots for the last week, weekly snapshots for the last month, and monthly snapshots for anything older. Hence, if we were to go with this option and you would like to reinstate a user that was deleted 32 days ago, for example, Geotab would need to use the snapshot from two months ago and any data within those two months would be gone since Geotab is unable to merge current data with old.

If the user was deleted within the last day, there is less data that would be missing, but there would still be missing data nonetheless.

The workaround, which is usually recommended for this circumstance, would be to re-add that specific user back into the database. This would mean the data for that user is still lost, but it would be less lost data compared to the data of the entire database.