Why is There a Dotted Line on Vehicle Trip Record?


  • Why is there a straight dotted line that only shows starting and departing points in breadcrumb trail?
  • When I look at trips on the map, no trip details appear, only a straight dotted line?
  • Why is My Driver Showing that He Flew from One Location to Another on the Map?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Map
  • Device Not Communicating
  • Engine Faults


The device in question was not communicating during the period of time that the trip took place. 


Try to get the device in question to communicate again by following the Troubleshooting Steps

If you cannot make the device communicate again, contact support for a replacement device (if the device is still under warranty) OR terminate the device and order a new one if the device is no longer under warranty. 

Additional Notes

To view Engine Faults for the vehicle in which the device is installed, follow these steps