How to Setup an Email Report

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Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Custom Report
  • Basic Driver Score


1. Navigate to Administration > Reports > Report Views


2. Scroll through the list or use the Template name search bar to search for the report you would like to set up an email notifications for.


3. Click on the report, then click on Email report tab. Then set Email options to Yes



4. Under Recipient list, select a certain group you would like an email report to be sent to.


5. Set Email the report to me to Yes if you want to receive the report as well.


6. For Redirect report, this option can be used to send the report to one user other than yourself based on certain conditions. If you will be receiving the report, or if you have selected other recipients, leave this turned to Off.


7. Under Date Range, you can choose the time range of data you want to see on the report. As for the Refresh Periodthis will depends on how often you want the report to email out and the next run is when the report will be sent out via email. 


8. Belonging to is the data that will be used within the report. Select any group(s) from the list that should be displayed in the report. The default is 'Everything' (data for all groups).


9. Depending on the report, there may be Additional Report Options at the bottom. This may prompt you to enter specific exceptions, zone types, or other thresholds.


10. Once finish, scroll back up to the top and click Save


Additional Notes

If you are doing a Risk Management or Exception Report, you must select Exception Rules you want the report to be based on.

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