Is there a report that shows the driver feedback for the vehicles?

Related Questions

  • What's the meaning of the DeviceProgramming columns in the data tab of the "Device" report?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Vehicles
  • Reports


The "Vehicles" report contains some of this data in the data tab, but would have to be pulled to the Report or Summary tab and then saved as a custom report.

DeviceProgrammingSpeedingOn is populated if the Speed warning is turned on
DeviceProgrammingSpeedingOff is populated if the "Beep Briefly when approaching warning speed" is turned on.
DeviceProgrammingRPMValue is populated if "Beep on engine RPM" is turned on
DeviceProgrammingImmobilizeArming is populated if "Driver Identification reminder" is turned on
DeviceProgrammingIdleMinutes is populated if "Beep when idling for period of time" is turned on
DeviceProgrammingHarshBrakeWarning does not populate.

Additional Notes

Not all driverfeedback values are included in this. This data shows the values that are entered in each feedback. A null value means the feedback is not turned on. The only way to retrieve all values is to use the SDK