How to Export/Import a Database Template

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Add-Ins
  • Report Templates
  • Rules
  • Groups
  • Map Provider


  1. On the template database: Navigate to Administration > System > System Settings and under the "Add-Ins" tab, click New Add-In and paste the below script.
    Note that you must have "Allow unsigned Add-Ins" enabled.

     "name": "Registration config",

     "supportEmail": "",

     "version": "1.0",

     "items": [


          "url": "",

          "path": "AdministrationLink/",

          "menuName": {

        "en": "Registration config"




     "isSigned": false

  2. Click Save and refresh the page
  3. Under Administration > Registration Config click Export which will create a file called export.json. 
  4. Go to and fill in the appropriate information for your new customer.
  5. At the bottom, in the "import config" field, add the export.json file.

Additional Notes

This tool will export:

  • Setup rules
  • Configured emailed reports, dashboards
  • Custom reports
  • Standard groups
  • Default map provider

The tool will ignore:

  • Vehicles, Zones (Note: if a rule references a Zone, it will import the zone and zone type too. It will ignore other zones you have in your system) or anything else.