Why is my Available Tomorrow Time greater then my Cycle Left? (Cycle Recap)

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • HOS Availability
  • Cycle Recap


The cycle recap uses Rolling Cycle, meaning that the time remaining for a user's availability for tomorrow will be the cycle time left plus the duty time gained from the oldest day of the current cycle 

Additional notes


Ruleset (USA Property 60/7)
Day 1 00:30:00
Day 2 11:44:00
Day 3 06:09:00
Day 4 04:52:00
Day 5 01:38:00
Day 6 02:05:00
Today 00:26:00
Total: 27:24:00

Cycle Left: 60 hours minus the Total Cycle 

Cycle Available Tomorrow: 60 hours minus the Total Cycle plus the hours gained from Day 1

Therefore, Cycle Left and Cycle available for tomorrow would be 32:36:00 and 33:06:00 respectively

Note: Drivers may also reset their cycle by taking a long period of off duty time (i.e. 34 hours) depending on their active ruleset.