How to run a report showing trucks that were driven without a DVIR recorded for the day

Applies To

  • MyGeotab Version 1901 
  • Reports
  • DVIR


  1. Enable Feature preview (see here for How-to) 
  2. Navigate to Rules & Groups > Rules > Compliance 
  3. Create custom rules using conditions in DVIR Pre-Trip Missing and/or DVIR Post-Trip Missing (see here for How-to) 
  4. Reprocess data (allow up to 24 hours for data to be backdated) 
  5. Navigate to Administration > Reports > Report Views 
  6. Click Advanced Exceptions Detail Report
  7. Click Dashboard 
  8. Click Yes for Dashboard graphic options
  9. Under Additional Report Options, choose the custom rules you created 
  10. Click Email Report 
  11. Click Yes for Email options
  12. Repeat step 8 
  13. Save