How to set up Air-Mile Radius Zone

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Zones
  • Rule


  1. Go to MyGeotab
  2. Navigate to Zones & Messages
  3. Select Import Zones 
  4. Use the following 100 Airmile Radius Zone Upload Template
  5. Adjust the Airmile to whatever you need (Diameter must match the radius) 
  6. Create a rule to flag instances when the driver goes outside the (X) air-mile radius
  7. Navigate to Rules & Groups 
  8. Select Rules
  9. Select Add
  10. Add driver feedback to send a text message to the administrator whenever the vehicle goes outside of the X air-mile radius.

Additional Notes

Please reference: Geotab Drive - Compliance and Implementation Guide

The diameter of a mile is measured in meters