How did driver get logs when driver already logged out?

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Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Duty Status Edit
  • Unassigned Logs


  1. If your driver did not properly log out of the Drive App and his/her vehicle moved, this driver is technically still assigned to the vehicle so all logs made after will show under his/her name. (See Additional Notes for proper logout instructions)
  2. Another way a driver could have logs assigned to him/her when they did not drive or were logged out is by accepting unidentified logs when logging into his/her Drive App. The logs will ask, "The logs below are unassigned because the vehicle was moved without a driver logged in. If the records belong to your Duty Status Logs, assign them to yourself; otherwise, skip this page. D logs will automatically be paired with ON logs.". By selecting the logs and clicking "Assign to me", they will move over from Unidentified Driver to the current driver's logs. You can see this by checking the current log under Modifications in the MyGeotab database.

​3. Another user has reassigned the unidentified driver logs to the driver. These driver changes can be found when looking at the log details. First you will see that in the Origin box it shows "Unassigned driver log". Next, in the modification box you will see: <Date> Origin: Automatic -> Unassigned Driver: Unidentified Driver -> <Driver>. To show it in the driver's log, driver needs to accept it.

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