When does a GO device Log a Flash memory Failure or RAM Failure?

Applies To

  • GO device
  • RAM error / Flash Fail
  • Engine & Maintenance (Faults)


  • All RAM has a lifespan of how many times you can write data to it before it breaks.
  • The way we have it right now is if one memory page fails, we throw the failure fault and our GO device logs a failure. 
  • Geotab has scripts in place that checks for certain metrics to look for devices which flash failed or are nearing flash fail.

Additional Notes

  • After the script picks these devices up, our support Engineer informs the customer to submit an RMA request for these devices. 
  • If devices are not reported by our system, it means they are not experiencing RAM failure. You will be notified if an error is detected. The error occurs at different times for different devices.
  • Also see: What does Flash Memory Failure mean?