Automatic Duty Status Logs are not being created and the driver has to manually create the logs


  • Ignition and Engine Road Speed are being read correctly so automatic duty status logs should be created. 
  • No automatic logs for the vehicle under any driver or unidentified driver.

Applies To

  • HOS


Hours of Service (HOS) Setting on the Vehicle Edit page was changed to OFF, and after that, No Automatic logs will be created, but a driver selecting this vehicle will still have the option to make Manual logs.


If you want the devices to create automatic Duty Status Logs again please go ahead and select ON in that option by following these steps: 

  1. Click Vehicles tab
  2. Select the desired vehicle
  3. Click More Details at the top 
  4. Turn Hours of Service (HOS) to ON
  5. Click Save

Or if you want to bulk change them all to ON then:

  1. Click Vehicles tab
  2. Click on the multiple selection menu on the top right
  3. Select visible 
  4. Click on Edit selected devices 
  5. Turn Hours of Service (HOS) to ON
  6. Click Save

Additional Notes

Hours of Service (HOS) Setting on the Vehicle Edit page has the following options:

  • ON: The device will always create automatic logs for the vehicle.
  • Automatic: The device will not create unidentified driver logs if no driver has ever selected that vehicle. However, if a driver selects that vehicle then this option will automatically switch to ON and will stay at ON unless someone manually changes it.
  • OFF: No Automatic logs will be created. If a driver selects this vehicle then he will have the option to make Manual logs.