How is the Driving condition defined in rules?

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  • What does "Is Driving" on the rules conditions option mean?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Rules


The IsDriving condition matches the logic for when a trip begins and when a stop is detected.

  • IsDriving becomes greater than zero when the vehicle is detected to be moving after a stop (GPS speed > 0 km/h)
  • IsDriving becomes less than zero when a stop is detected: the vehicle ignition is turned off, or when the vehicle has a speed of less than 1 km/h for more than 200 seconds. (This is equivalent to the 'Stop' condition in rules)
  • IsDriving equals zero as soon as zero speed is detected.


Additional Notes

If a stop is detected due to the vehicle being idle for more than 200s, the timestamp of the stop will be the time at the beginning of the 200s.